The Experience of travelling to Ba Vi 2 days 1 night

Ba Vi is an ideal destination for visiting and camping. Here is the experience for the self- sufficient travel to Ba Vi for 2 days 1 night with cheap price.

Preparing for the necessary items

The transportation: Tourists can go by private car, motorbike or bus. If you go by the private transportation, remember to bring the vehicle registration, full gasoline, mirrored and the car repair tools.

Costume: Tourists should bring the comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, gauze mask and thin coat

The lunch and personal belongings: Food, drinks and some items: wind oil, the topical insect bite, suncream…

The suitable time to travel to Ba Vi

Tourists can travel to Ba Vi in anytime in the year, but from April to October is the most comfortable time, because the weather is cool, airy and quiet, which is suitable for visiting and camping. Continue reading “The Experience of travelling to Ba Vi 2 days 1 night”